Daily Fantasy Drafting Strategies

Daily fantasy sports give you the chance to build a new team each day, so you never have to worry about injuries or long commitments. The key to winning at daily fantasy sports is by using a solid strategy to draft your team. While each sport has their own set up unique rules, you can use these five strategy tips no matter what daily fantasy sport you want to play.

Find the Bargains

While every daily fantasy site regularly updates the prices of the players, there are always a few bargains to be found. Most of these bargain players are young lesser known players that are just starting to play up to their ability. It may take a few weeks for a rookie to see their price jump up, so you want to use them while you can get them at a discount. Bench players that are getting their first opportunity to start are also usually great bargains.

Follow Hot and Cold Streaks

Athletes are prone to hot and cold streaks in a long season, so you must know how the players are performing when building your daily fantasy roster. Using players in the middle of a hot streak is a great way to get some extra value on your fantasy roster. Cold streaks are bound to end at some point in the season, but there is no reason you should try to predict when this will happen. Wait until a cold player has a decent game or two until you start to use them again.

Keep Track of Injuries

Injuries are bound to happen in sports, so you must keep track of every major injury if you want to succeed at daily fantasy sports. If a player is coming back from an injury or attempting to play injured, then are more likely to have a poor game. If a star player is forced to miss a game because of injury, then it may be a great idea to use their replacement. Since this replacement player does not play much, they will be an extremely cheap option for one your roster spots.

Pay Attention to Matchups

Every daily fantasy sports player knows that matchups can completely change a player's value. An average player suddenly becomes much more attractive when they have an easy matchup. Superstar players are not immune to bad matchups either. A great defense or starting pitcher can easily shut down even the best players in every sport. Finding a way to build a daily fantasy roster with great players facing quality matchups is a great way to improve your chances of winning.

You Don't Have to Spend Whole Budget

Every daily fantasy sports player gets the same salary cap to build their roster. Novice players may feel the urge to spend all of this money, but that is absolutely unnecessary. While you do not want to leave thousands of dollars left in your budget, there is nothing wrong with have a few hundred dollars left over. The goal is to build what you think is the best roster possible, so do not worry about having a little left over in your budget.